How To Apply Eye-shadow

Wearing eyeshadows have become a regular routine of most of us, so makeup hacks are central to know. Eye makeup is tricky and time-consuming makeup as compared to other areas. Applying eyeshadow is challenging due to which many women ignore eye makeup, they prefer applying eyeliner and go out. But, you don’t need to shy from eyeshadows anymore because become a beauty queen with my eyeshadow.

Here are few super easy and interesting eyeshadow hacks for you and you can get done with your eye makeup without any hassle. Achieve flawless eye makeup like a pro.

Eyes Makeup Sequence

Make you mind and habit that you have to do your eye makeup first and then the rest. Many people do it at the end and they skip this part because any shadow fall out can ruin their entire look.

Prime Eyes

Always apply primer before applying concealer on eyes. After priming eyes, then apply concealer and then eye shadows. Eye primer plays a major role in avoiding creasing in the eyes and creates a smooth and even application. Also, the primer helps enhances the color.

The order of Eye Makeup

Always follow this order below for your eye makeup.


Blending is key to achieving a perfect eye look. So, practice how to blend with precise brushes. Practice blending by creating eyes on arms and blend, blend and blend.

Fix Broken Eyeshadow

If your eyeshadow is broken, you can fix it easily with the help of dipping alcohol. After dipping alcohol, press with your fingers and you are done.

Highlighting Eyeshadow

If you want your eyelids to highlight more, then add white liner on the lids and then apply eye shadow. Use beige if you want less highlighting.

Hooded Eyes

Most of the people have hooded eyes like me. So, I have to develop a creative line a little bit above the real crease line to create more area for eye shadow. What you have to do it does open your eyes and check where the lids meet and point it by a dot. This dot helps to identify how above and far we can go in our crease. In this way, hooded eyes also pop out.


You can use any gold, silver or white eyeshadow color for highlighting your cheekbones, inner corners, brow bone, chin, and nose.

Scotch Tape

Use scotch tape for creating perfect eye shadows on the outer edges of the eyes. You can define eyes more create even eye makeup on both sides.

Shimmer White Eyeshadow

For brightening eyes and young look, apply shimmery white eyeshadow that instantly changes the look.

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