How To Access Google Drive

How to access a Google Drive from Gmail, logged into my Gmail account right now and all you have to do to access Google.

The drive goes up to nine dots at the right side of your account and next to your profile picture. Where it says Google Apps once you click on these nine dots. The apps will open up and one of the apps in Google Drive as you see in the picture. You can actually position.

This wherever you want just by dragging it and letting go and then, once you have in position. Just for further uses just click on the drive it’ll open up a new tab and you’ll be in your Gmail in your Google Drive account. That is the same as that Gmail account. So you’ll have access to all your folders all your files all online on Google Drive.

It’s very handy and so just remember the nine dots and click on Google Apps. You can get back to Google Drive or Gmail at any point.

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