How to find percentages

How to find percentages there are two ways of finding percentages. Two different methods you want to use on how to find the percent of a number. I’m going to show you how to calculate the percent. 
As a percent, if you let’s say for instance you took an exam. Okay, so the exam is marked out of 80 and let’s say you score 60. So now what you want to do is convert this into percentages, so you want to say what is my score 60 hours of 80 as the percentage so. 
If I talk you through how to do it you want to find 60 out of 80 as a percent times 100. So all you have to do is take your score divided by the number is all out of in total and multiply by 100, so this will give you 75 percent.
If you put this into a calculator this will give you 75 percent so all you have to do to find a percent of a number as you take, you to let’s say score or the number you’re in number, that you’ve got you to divide it by the total and to put it into a percent, you just need to multiply by 100.  So this is the number that you’ve got and you put it over the total in times 100 and that’s how the 5 percent.

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